Forest Survival Information

Forest Fires: Their Role, Management, And Survival

Fire has two sides in the North American wildlands; one side is beneficial when fire is under control and serves land management policy goals. The other side is destructive, when fire rages large and out of control and destroys property and resources and threatens lives. Wildland fire management is tied to forest health. Current U.S. … Read more

Reforestation: How to create productive woodlands from barren fields

Reforestation is the renewal of a forest after a disturbance. This can be through natural processes or as a result of forest management. Contrary to popular belief, deforestation – or long term loss of forest cover – isn’t generally the result of fire or logging but because of land conversion to agriculture and urbanization. In … Read more

Forest Soil: the Foundation of Long-Term Woodland Thriving

The dynamic interaction between vegetation and soil is so strong that it’s unclear which is dominant. Soil helps secure and renew the forest; forests help secure and renew the soil. The forest covers and protects the soil from extreme heat and cold while slowing the natural forces of erosion like water, wind, and gravity. Soil sustains … Read more