What Is A Logger?

Loggers are the men and women who harvest timber from the forest. It is one of the oldest professions in the forest and is very mentally and physically demanding. Logging is a very rewarding career in that it allows an individual to spend the majority of their time working in the forest. Successful loggers have a strong work ethic, excellent mechanical skills, and a broad knowledge of forest economics. Although dangerous, modern equipment and proper training greatly reduces the risk of injury.

What Do Loggers Do?

  • Harvest timber using mechanical harvesters, cable yarders, skidders, and chainsaws
  • Buy and sell standing timber as well as logs
  • Truck logs to sawmills and paper mills
  • Maintain and operate modern timber harvesting machines, which often have controls similar to video game controllers

Where Do Loggers Work?

Loggers work in forests all over the world. In the United States many loggers are self employed or work for a privately owned logging company. Sawmills and paper mills will occasionally employ loggers full time to harvest strictly for their mill.


Although no specific education is required to be a logger, experience is extremely important. Some universities offer associate degrees or specific training programs for individuals interested in becoming loggers. Before heading into the forest to harvest timber, proper safety training must be completed. The Game of Logging offers excellent training and safety techniques for individuals interested in harvesting forest products.